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Splurge Alert! Clay Compounding and Wax Buffing @ Splash Car Wash

My first edition to The Splurge Alert! The cost:  $150.00 + $10 tip Anyone who knows me … really knows me … knows that I am a bit of a cheapskate.  Tight Wad is another way to say it.  But, for … Continue reading

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Living with Type 2 Diabetes can be fun!

I can hear it now from others with Diabetes. “The Hell you say!” Okay, maybe it’s not FUN … as in fun like “I just got a puppy” or something. Ever since being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes late last … Continue reading

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I have my own Website Domain! Woot!!

After fumbling through the iPage website and getting the domain name I wanted, I finally have it! My very own “” site. (now if I can just find the driving manual) I’m now somebody somewhere in this world. And, I’m … Continue reading

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Stamp Collecting for enjoyment and future profits.

  Howdy y’all. For my 2nd blog post, I thought I’d talk a little about a hobby I have. It’s something I enjoy and it will end up being something I SELL one day.  When I get to that age where … Continue reading

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Is it Timeshare Heaven? Or Hell, when thinking of vacation?

  As my first real post in “The Frugal Cheapskate’s Blog” I thought I’d take a brief minute to talk about timesharing and whether or not you (and me) feel like they are worth the price? Are they a good deal with … Continue reading

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