I have my own Website Domain! Woot!!

After fumbling through the iPage website and getting the domain name I wanted, I finally have it! My very own “TheFrugalCheapskate.com” site. (now if I can just find the driving manual)

I’m now somebody somewhere in this world. And, I’m Alexa ranked at….. 2,857,261…??? Now wait a minute, three days ago I was ranked at 14,500,000. Does this mean that more than the 3 people who’ve responded to my first blog post are actually looking at, possibly even reading what I’ve wrote? Or am I graciously getting some of the “click thru” from my friend and Blogger-o-matic Guru of Woodpress mentor’s own webpage @Budgeting in the Fun Stuff? Hmmm.

You can view and comment on any of her Blog entries @ “Budgeting In The Fun Stuff” … you’ll be glad you did!


The Frugal Cheapskate


Somethings afoot. I can smell it! 🙂 

Have a GREAT Day!!!

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3 Responses to I have my own Website Domain! Woot!!

  1. My god. I’m NOW @ 2,169,221 in ranking on Alexa.com …. I guess I’m going to have to kick it into gear and start tidying up this place for whatever the future may bring along.

    There’s so much out there, and so many fascinating people to bring into the spotlight with just a few words and a simple (click this) link attached to my post.

    I think I need a goal. SOmething “attainable” and will be fun to acheive. I also need a grammer and spellchecker … as I’m sure some may have noticed from a few of my posts here and at other sites like “Financial Samurai” and “Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.”

    I work 50+ hours a week @ a nice little engineering firm in West Houston, so my time is stretched between that and being married and a few other things I do for enjoyment (time permitting). And now, with The Frugalcheapskate Blog, I’m going to have to start setting a time budget to make sure I can get to everything that needs the attention .. including sleep. 🙂

  2. … and today … I am ranked @ 1,512,914 …. wow, along way from 14million.

  3. and today …. I am ranked @ 748,233 ….!

    Alright. Who’s reading my blog? (and Thank You for doing it too!)

    The Frugalcheapskate!

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