Living with Type 2 Diabetes can be fun!

I can hear it now from others with Diabetes. “The Hell you say!”

Okay, maybe it’s not FUN … as in fun like “I just got a puppy” or something. Ever since being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes late last year, my eyes and ears have been listening to my body. Much more than I was before hearing “the news” that would change my life forever. I’m here and I’m aware.  Welcome back to Earth .. Earthling.

A little background: Growing up, I was a pudgy child. “A butterball” as my father and mother had called me. Around 4th grade, my parents started enrolling me in Little League Baseball and then Football for those at the age level I was at.

THAT was the best thing to ever happen to me. From that point on in my life, I was active. As I got older, it just snowballed to even greater levels. I was always a “Big Boned” person, but I’ve always had meat on those bones too.

I had a time when I jogged 5 miles every single day. I’ve lifted weights and have even been an Aerobics Instructor for a few years. Life was good for the single guy in his 30’s! 🙂 So what the heck happened??

Somewhere in all this, I started getting a little relaxed with my health.  Diet in particular.

Then, in my 30’s, I started playing Volleyball at a competitive level (Indoor & Sand). I played for almost 12 years. My metabolism was at a peak (again). I never had any symptoms of Diabetes. No one ever told me that my father’s side of the family had some history with Diabetes. (FACT: The exercise and activities were doing all the work I needed to fend off the Diabetes. Listen Up Diabetics – Exercise IS the key)

As I got older, I started to be “less active.” A few steps down from full throttle.  Then I got married. All activity stopped cold. (and) The internal furnaces were quickly shutting down. The reasons are that you want to be around your spouse, you are a team (as my wife and I are). You order take-out or delivery. Before you know it, your waistline is expanding like a balloon in heat, and your metabolism is getting a flat tire. But, you’re okay with that because you aren’t single ~and/or~ you don’t have to do the things you used to do to attract the opposite sex. Right?

Something changed.  Me.  I changed.

Plus, the rules of the game changed along with it.

My heredity started to show it’s colors. I would get sick and stay sick for longer than normal periods. Things just did not heal as quickly, or my immune system would be low. I was on a fast track … in the wrong direction.

Last year, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, It’s the best thing to have happen to me, in a while.

“Why?” you ask?

Because it opened my eyes to the changes that were happening to me, my body, my health, and even the environment around me (how easily are you swayed to ignore the healthy choices and take the easy way out?). Instead of having a heart attack, I got a chance to get back to a special place that I am NOT a stranger too. A place that is full of Health, and Energy, and a Long Life ahead.  If I had ignored the symptoms, and just continued on the road I was on, I’d be looking at the final years of my life.  But now? I have all the years I can handle if I take care of myself.

Exercise and fitness ARE where it’s at!  I really enjoy the endorphins that are released each time I go for a bike ride.  And a great way to blow off some steam, or stress, or just nervous energy … as the body is always talking to the brain.  (are we listening to what it’s saying?)

And if you are a Type 2 Diabetic, you can even get off your medicine by just being active and taking responsibility for your health, your life.

It’s not work. It’s FUN!!!  The Ball & Chain part are because we aren’t used to the new changes necessary to get back to optimum health.

And, if you are ever diagnosed with Diabetes? Don’t think that the world has ended, or that god (or whatever) is taking it out on you. Why not look at this as an “opportunity to change” some of the habits and patterns in our life.  If you were already healthy and “got the news” then you’re already there, and you (truthfully?) couldn’t help the genetics that brought it to the forefront of your life.  Change is GOOD, if be believe it to be.  Lemons to lemonade.  I love sweet lemons.

We can:

  • Lose Weight
  • Get Active, even if just a 20 minute walk. You have to start somewhere!
  • Stop Smoking (Thankfully, I’ve never smoked cigarettes)
  • Learn to cook and eat the right way.
  • Get in touch with the person you are and take care of them.
  • try a new activity.  If you want to start walking regularly, time to go buy some GOOD shoes.

No one gets out alive, but why leave in worse shape than when you entered this world. Helpless and vulnerable.  Embrace your problems … like Diabetes, or being over weight, your life will change because you are facing [it] head on.  Little things DO make a difference!

If you don’t know all the answers, do the research. Find out what others are doing and mirror what they do right.

Make it fun.

Diabetes can be fun because you are learning new things that will keep you motivated and going forward. There are people out there who were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, but they’ve taken charge of their life because of it, and never look back.   they live a better, healtier life now, than they did before being diagnosed.  I want to be in that spot, and I’m getting there each day as I work towards my goal of getting fit … again!

Truthfully, I’m preaching to myself with this Blog post.  I like the “Kick in the Butt” to get me motivated when I’m feeling like a slacker (or lazy).  Knowing me, I’ll read this post a hundred more times and wonder if I need to tweak my routines even more.  🙂  That’s a good thing, IMO.  A thought, provoked, creates stimulation and possibly action.

What do you like to do for fitness and exercise? What is your daily regimen to make it happen.
Bicycle riding (my favorite past time now) is what I do 3+ times a week.  Anything but sitting on the couch hour after hour wishing I was in better shape or doing more in life.

  • There’s PLENTY OF TIME to sit on the couch and watch TV, and a lot of people have TIVO’s or DVR’s. (wink)
  • Walk Fast. Walk Slow. It doesn’t matter.

Even if you don’t have Diabetes, it would still be a good idea to get outside and “Just Do It!” as the saying goes. (Nike:  Please send a big check to me for that endorsement!)

Over and Out,
The Frugal Cheapskate.  “The Little Things DO Add Up!”

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2 Responses to Living with Type 2 Diabetes can be fun!

  1. I am definitely way healthier since being diagnosed with Insulin Resistance (pre-diabetes). I eat much healthier now and a lot less processed stuff. More fruits and veggies than before. I’m currently off medication until we decide we want to have another child, since IR increases probability of miscarriage.

    For exercise mainly I just walk. It just takes some activity to make a big difference.

    • Hey there NicoleandMaggie. Thanks for your reply! 🙂
      I’m glad to see that it’s been a positive for you too. (as positive as it can be)

      My wife wants me to go for a walk with her more … I like to ride the bicycle. Whenever you go for a walk, do you make time every day to do it? For how long? And do you walk in the morning or evening? (I’m hoping you get my reply and questions)

      Where we live, it’s a nice area to walk around. But I’ve conditioned myself to get in the miles (biking). I’d like to start walking, especially if she will do it with me everyday. I’m going to rethink my routines and make sure I make the time to go for a walk more often.

      Thanks for your reply. It gives me motivation to “keep on keeping on.”

      Best regards,
      Dean / TFC 🙂

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