Splurge Alert! Clay Compounding and Wax Buffing @ Splash Car Wash

My first edition to The Splurge Alert!

  • The cost:  $150.00 + $10 tip

Anyone who knows me … really knows me … knows that I am a bit of a cheapskate.  Tight Wad is another way to say it.  But, for all the money I don’t like to spend on (what I consider) useless things of life, every now and then I like to Splurge on something that has some value to it … and sometimes no value at all.  I’m human.  Sue me.

The Splurge Alert will be shown from time to time when I feel like posting about something I bought, or did, and wanting to share it for absolutely no particular reason.  Sometimes even I think I’m crazy – but then there’s the song lyrics by Jimmy Buffett that says, “.. if we weren’t all crazy, we’d all go insane.”  (from: Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes).  Sometimes one has to do something completely crazy to keep it interesting in life.  NOTE:  Crazy is not reference to “foolish” or “stupid” and definitely isn’t something that would be worthy of showing up in the “Darwin Awards” or a Beavis & Butthead episode.  It means “Safe, Sound, and Secure thinking without too much risk to your pocketbook.”

Today is Sunday @ around 11am.  I’ve wanted to do this for some time to our 1998 Nissan Altima.  It’s a black car and probably has never been waxed in the life of the vehicle.  This vehicle has just over 50,000 miles on it and is in “sweet condition” for one as old as it is. It cost me a grand total of $2500 when I bought it. The paint isn’t as bad to look at from a distance but when up close, there is oxidation all over the place and it feels rough to the touch.  I decided to get in professionally buffed with a wax/clay based compound from the local car wash … which is always packed on weekends.  Because of this, I chose them to do the work.  They must be good!  🙂

Truthfully?  I probably could’ve did this myself.  Get an electric buffer, buy the compound, and put lotsa’ elbow grease into it.  But, being one who’d rather pay for this type of service, I opted to let others do it for the (more than I’d normally pay) cost of services.  Plus, it’s hot in Houston on this sunny August Day.

** Fast forward 2 hours now ** (They have Wi-Fi too!)

Well, the car is now washed, professionally buffed out and waxed to perfection.  The paint is looking “almost” Like New and the black shines like polished black lava glass on a Hawaiian Island Beach.  It’s beautiful.  Even has a spray of leather scent in it.  I have cloth seats, go figure.

One reason for doing this is that it will help the car retain it’s value, even tho’ it is over 10 years old.  I got it for a song and I want to keep this car for a long time.  I’m normally not one to buy a vehicle with black paint but this was a diamond. I prefer more color in my vehicle (Red, Blue, Green, etc.).  It now looks as nice as a 1-2 year old car that’s well maintained.

The Texas heat and summers are very hot and very long.  Unless one has covered parking or a garage to keep their vehicles in, the paint will start to degrade within a few years time.  We’ve had the car for 3 years and is parked in a garage every night.  Previous ownership wasn’t as lucky and it sat outside year round.  Add in that we go to the beach often which is more torture to ones paint job.

Needless to say, this Splurge Expense was actually an investment into the cars future.  This is along the lines of my thinking and parallel with budgeting the expense to do so.

And the time and exertion saved IF I would’ve been doing this myself?  Priceless!

If you’ve ever paid for an expense that most would feel unnecessary or frivolous, but still a good deal or worth the time spent, please feel free to post it.  Everyone needs a Splurge Alert! once in a blue moon.

Have  a GREAT Sunday!

The Frugal Cheapskate  >:< >

P.S. – Despite being a cheapskate, I find enjoyment in spending money.  I’m just not wasteful.  But, if you’ve ever seen one of those movies where the clerk tries to take the money out of the buyers hand and he just won’t let it go so easily?  Sort of a tug-o-war between the two?  I always smile when I see that.  But, if someone – a friend in need – needed help, the wallet (and more) has always been wide open and willing to help.  (Hmmm, maybe I am easy.  Way too easy.)

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One Response to Splurge Alert! Clay Compounding and Wax Buffing @ Splash Car Wash

  1. I love this idea! Go Splurge Alerts!

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