Feng Shui: Does it work?

I’m sure everyone has heard the term “Feng Shui” before.  My wife – a school teacher – came home from a seminar about classroom management.  The term Feng Shui was talked about in relation to the basics of keeping your classroom “clean” and the importance it has to having a good environment for teaching [the kids].

What she talked about captured my interest.  I’m not really a metaphysical type, I believe in God, but I like to see the similarities around various practices – numerology, Chinese horoscope, etc.  Is this fact or fiction?

Is our life a fate that has been predestined?  Good question Dr. Watson.

Anyway, as my wife explained the principals of Feng Shui, I started to think about the implications of having all this “good energy” flowing around the world.    In my car, my home, my eyes, my ears and even in my closet which is quite cluttered.  Isn’t that what closets are for?  Well, as I did the research into this mysterious practice, I found out that a cluttered closet and anything else cluttered in ones life is blocking flow.  Mental and Physical.  As I type this I find it hard to not make some jokes, or use a few examples of the beneficial ways to use Feng Shui as as a comical relief in this post. I’ll try not to do such.

We aren’t clean freaks to a point of being obsessive/compulsive.  I don’t vacuum daily (but I probably should considering we own two parrots and a cat).  Our furniture is placed “there” and “there” in our cubical sized apartment near the middle of downtown in our fair city (location, location, location).

Sometimes one gets complacent in their surroundings.  I love change, but when it comes to habitat, I tend to be more lenient on the “accept it for what it is” situation.  We look forward to moving into our own new home next year, as we will be bottom feeding of some of the great real estate deals that are coming (again) @ big discounts.  But, in the meantime, we can practice the art of Feng Shui in our own compact sized box.

Feng Shui (fung SHWAY). Google has an infinite amount of links about it.  I had a mission to find out what it was all about (having little to do at that very moment in time anyway – how odd is that?).

  • Feng Shui is related to the concepts of yin and yang, and chi.
  • Proper practice of Feng Shui is meant to maintain good health, wealth, relationships, creativity and more.
  • The aim of Feng Shui is to create a living and working (and dying — Feng Shui is for graveyards, too) environment in harmony with nature and the flow of energy.
  • The details of Feng Shui relate to position of elements, color and materials.
  • Fountains, mirrors and crystals are particularly important accessories in Feng Shui.
  • Feng Shui literally means “wind-water.”

What I got from all this info was that one creates a free flowing environment that feels good and brings into harmony a lot of positive things with your health, environment and “other things.”  What really gets me is that they have schools to teach one the art of such (when sitting there on the computer is Google, and it’s FREE to access).  Being a man, I probably gloss over the more detailed aspects of the descriptions and why they are what they are.  (If it’s what one really wants to do …… I shouldn’t make fun of it)  :^/

But now? I’m wondering if our dwelling is facing the right way … considering we just signed a new lease a few months ago.  Hmmm. How would I explain to the management, “Ummm, I’m sorry, but we have to move.  You see, the Feng Shui isn’t right and I’m not going to be able to handle that.” (poking fun intended)  “And, can I tear out a couple of the walls?”

Where is all of this going  ….

We started to clean out those corners, and nooks and crannies that had “stuff” sitting there that we never used, or even touched for years.  Nic-Nac’s that just collected dust (a no-no), and those items that seem to collect and stay in places where they really have no business being anyway (but the cat seems to like it – can I Feng Shui a cat?).  The coffee table gets cluttered, or the top of a kitchen cabinet (al those plug-in appliances) and various things not put where they belong, and more.

My wife and I cleaned out and arranged things that were more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.  We then proceeded to move furniture around to “open up the room” more (as much as possible) and let the natural light from the (2) windows come into the room easier.

I’m not sure about the color or smell aspects of Feng Shui, but they say that all comes into play if one is going to go all out and be the best, most greatest Feng Shui’er they can be.  🙂

But here’s the thing I noticed the most after doing all this.  Some might call this “basic house cleaning 101” or even “house cleaning for dummies,” but after doing all this? And throwing out (or donating) a lot more than we thought we had?  We would come into the room and literally feel like we could breathe better.  The walls seems farther apart, and it was like there was some level of stress that was no longer in the room(s).  Stress Relief!!  It was an awesome feeling and we feel more relaxed even though we were sitting in the same room, on the same recliners and other furniture.  There was a sort of calming effect to it all.  Was it just the fact that we “changed” something around to opur liking?  or was it some energy blockage that was preventing us from feeling the flow.  (when saying the word “flow” .. say it sloooow)

Hey, I’m not one for practicing the eastern religions. But, contradicting myself, I do have a belief that there is Karma in the world (what goes around, come around).  I do believe that there are things we can’t explain.  But, after doing the quantum research into the concept of Feng Shui, I can say with good feeling that I probably won’t buy the “negative energy field blocker” or “the Power Stones” to sit on my TV or shelf.  Nor the travel version to go with me in my car.  I do have to draw a line somewhere … being the frugal cheapskate I am.  IF I ever got the notion to do such a thing, I’d probably just google the ingredients/materials and build it myself.  Why BUY something from someone for an outrageous price and made in a foreign country?  Of course, I could go to one of the schools (“Hello, University of Phoenix? I’m looking for some online courses….!  Can I just Charge it?)

If you’ve ever Feng Shui’d yourself, your environment, or whatever needed to be Feng Shui’d in your life, I’d be interested in knowing how it worked out?  Despite my poking fun @ it, I will say that I really enjoy the cleaner, less cluttered, living spaces.

Thanks again.

The -Feng Shui’d- Frugalcheapskate.

P.S. – Almost forgot these:  Click for a link to Feng Shui for Wealth and Prosperity!

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2 Responses to Feng Shui: Does it work?

  1. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice concerned with relationships between our personal chi energy and the chi energy of places. Five Elements

  2. Thanks for the reply! You’ve posted an interesting link into what all Feng Shui is about. 🙂

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