About: The Frugalcheapskate

Hello and Welcome to my Blog – The Frugal Cheapskate.

I started this Blog because 1) I like to write and 2) I like reading other Blog posts that people have put together.  Very entertaining, and sometimes thought provoking.

I aspire to the lifestyle that I like to save money (being frugal, as they say), and I like to find those diamonds in the rough, or to put it another way … I like buying stuff for cheap (that’s the cheapskate part).  I don’t like to pay full price nor do I ever impulse buy.  I am the one who “shops around” for that better deal even if it means going back to a place I’ve already been too before.

I recommend reading anything by Thomas Stanley.  His first two books were awesome, and changed the way we live.If you want to understand how those with money manage it, or how they made it, I recommend having a read.  You’ll be glad you did.

I’ve been a (for the most part) successful investor/swing trader (and fulltime daytrader from 2002 thru’ 2006) and I’ve experienced the eBay game – buying and selling for profit online.  I have even wrote a book about “How to Buy and Sell on eBay” but I’ve never published it or even solicited it to anyone.  Most do not understand the “right way” to approach it.  The books that are out there are OK at best but they never tell you what, where or even why to buy and sell certain “items” on eBay.  Instead, they just talk about what [eBay] has to offer.

I have also written various short stories and have engaged in a fiction novel … but I’m having trouble finishing it.  Randy Wayne White, Lee Childs, John Grisham and more are the genre’s I like to read.  Maybe this Blog will help me get over that block and get the writing machine to start working again.  Time will tell.

My daytime profession is in the Oil & Gas industry.  I work for an engineering company in the West Houston area.  I use AutoCAD/CADWorx software suites in my design. I really enjoy what I do now and the creative part of the job.

I also like to talk about events going on in the world, and what my neighbors and friends might think about this-or-that.  I want this Blog to be FUN, thought provoking (repeating myself again), even funny.  I’m sure I’ll post a few bonehead things I’ve done in the past and maybe you have a story or two as well.

All comments are welcome.  

I’m not sure where this will all lead, but life begins with that first step forward.  I like to travel the road less travelled.  Who knows, maybe it’ll be an adventure.

It’s all the little things that add up to what life is all about.  Some happy, some sad, some that make no sense at all at the moment they happen, but most of all it’s the experiences we get from living life.  A good friend also has a Blog and they have enjoyed it quite a lot.  I’m glad I decided to start writing again.  I miss it, even if no one ever reads a single word.  Like a good workout, sweating out the stress, or just looking for that good feeling of doing something for ourselves … that’s what this Blog will be about.  Putting it down on (electronic) paper.

I hope to provide tons of informative and beneficial ideas that will help you think more about your own life, and how to save money and make money .  I’ll also point you in various directions towards others Blogs that I think will be helpful too.  If nothing else, to just provoke thought and maybe you will post a comment.  As Bloggers, we love the feedback.  Good or Bad.

Everyone has a story … what’s yours?

Have a Great Day and Thanks for stopping by!

The Frugalcheapskate / The little things do add up!


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